;TIP1259.LSP: PIPE.LSP Storm Pipe (c),1996 Tim Wilson

(defun DTR (A) (* pi (/ A 180.0)))
(defun C:PIPE11 (/ PNT1 PNT2 D A ET HD L1 L2 L3 L4 OTM OSM)
(setvar "CMDECHO" 0)
(setq OTM (getvar "ORTHOMODE"))
(setvar "ORTHOMODE" 0)
(setq OSM (getvar "osmode"))
(setvar "OSMODE" 0)
PNT1 (getpoint "\nPick Start of Pipe: ")
(setq PNT2 (getpoint PNT1 "\nPick End of Pipe: "))
D (getdist "\nEnter Pipe Width: ")
) ;In Engineering Units (ie. 2.5 etc.)
(setq HD (/ D 2))
(setq A (angle PNT1 PNT2))
(command "Pline" PNT1 PNT2 "")
(setq ET (entlast))
(setq L1 (polar PNT1 (- A (DTR 90)) HD))
L2 (polar PNT2 (- A (DTR 90)) HD)
(setq L3 (polar PNT1 (+ A (DTR 90)) HD))
L4 (polar PNT2 (+ A (DTR 90)) HD)
(command "line" L1 L2 "")
(command "line" L3 L4 "")
"Change" ET "" "P" "LT" "hidden" "" ""
) ;change linetype to suit
(command "Pedit" ET "W" D "" "")
(setvar "ORTHOMODE" OTM)
(setvar "OSMODE" OSM)
(command "Redraw")
;end pipe.lsp