Compare DWG AppHave you ever ended up with two drawings of the same name, just different time stamps on the file or an added suffix on the file name? Perhaps another team member was trying to be helpful (or not) and edited the file, now you need to know what changed.

Lucky for you there is an Autodesk App for that, and FREE.

I am using AutoCAD 2013 which is the version compatible with this app. Go to the Autodesk exchange from within AutoCAD using the icon in the upper right.


Or you could go to the Autodesk Exchange page

Autodesk Exchange

Search for DWG Compare App, and the install it. while there grab the Drawing Tabs App.

Autodesk Exchange Searching for DWG Compare App

After setting the original source drawing and the second version you select the little green arrow in the top of the DWG Compare plugin palette.

Select the Start Compare

Now the results will be listed on the palette and you can select them and it will highlight that specific change. You can see what has been added, modified, or deleted as they are colored green, yellow and red and to make it obvious the non-altered objects are changed to a grey.

Differences in the Two Drawings Highlighted by AutoCAD Compare DWG App