If you need to uninstall your Autodesk software but would like to keep your customer settings you will need to export your current profile and save a copy of your .cuix

What the Profile stores:(taken from the help file) Profiles store drawing environment settings, Default search and project file paths, template file location, default line types, styles, hatch patterns and printer defaults.

What the .CUIX stores:(taken from the help file) the .cuix stores any customization of the user interface including, Ribbon, Menus, Toolbars, Workspace settings and tool Palettes.

To save a copy of your CUIX:
At the command line type OPTIONS to bring up your Options dialog box inside your Autodesk Software.  On the files tab expand Customization Files then expand Main Customization File. The path you see under Main Customization File is where your CUIX is stored. Navigate to that path using a Windows Explorer.  Typical default path is:

Windows 7/Vista: C:\Users\your user name\appdata\roaming\autodesk\mep 2012\enu\support\mep

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Application Data\Autodesk\your software\R18.2\Enu\Support

Copy and paste your softwares customization files to a safe place like your “My Documents folder so they will not be deleted while properly uninstalling your software. i.e. ACAD.cuix, ACAD.mnl, ACAD.mnr, ACAD_UK.cuix, and the ACAD.BAK.cuix. Not sure what these files are for click here to read more about them or look them up in your softwares help menu.

To export your current profile:
From your OPTIONS dialog box go to the Profile tab. You will know what Profile is current because at the top left hand corner of the options dialog box it will say Current Profile: and your profile name.

Options current profile

From the Available Profiles list click on the current profile and then click the Export button. Save your .arg in the same folder as you saved your cuix files. You can name your .arg the profile name or you can give it another name it doesnt matter.

How to uninstall your software
Click on this link to properly uninstall your software Autodesk Uninstall Instructions

After uninstalling the software and rebooting your machine you need to properly reinstall your software.

How to reinstall your software

The best way to get past most installation problems is to perform a clean boot. These steps listed below are courtesy of Jeff Lotan, Senior Technical Support Specialist at IMAGINiT Technologies.

To begin ensure the following items are done:

1) Ensure you have met the minimum  requirements for the software you are installing.

2)  Ensure you can login as a user with Administrator permissions.

3) Clean out the temporary files folders.

4)  Ensure the program is not installed, or if recently installed you clean up/delete the files/folders and registry entries for that  program and version.

5)  On Windows Vista or Windows 7 disable the User Access Control. See below.

6) Boot up in Diagnostic Startup mode with the  Windows Installer service enabled. This is the cleanest methods  available.

How to boot up into Diagnostics Mode

To boot up into Diagnostic Startup with the  Windows Installer Service


1) Ensure you’re logged in  with Administrator permissions and select the Windows  Start->Run and enter MSCONFIG and hit Enter.

a) If Normal  is already selected, then select Diagnostic Startup. Select the  Services tab and put a check in the box for Windows Installer.

b) If Selective Startup is selected, then you will need to  first make note of what Services and Startup options are enabled  or disabled. Select the Services tab and write down all the  Services that are not checked, then do the same on the Startup  tab. This will allow us to get back to your custom startup after  we’re done.

2) Click Apply, then click Close.

3)  Reboot the computer and login with the same credentials (login  name) as when you ran MSCONFIG.

4) Put the DVD in (or run  the setup from your download) and perform the install.

5)  Reboot and login with the same credentials (login name) as when  you ran MSCONFIG.

6) Run MSCONFIG again (Start->Run,  enter MSCONFIG and click Okay).

a) If in step 2 above, Normal  Startup was selected, then select Normal Startup, Apply and  reboot.

b) If Selective Startup was selected in step 2  above, then select Normal Startup and go to the Services tab and  uncheck, or deselect, the services per your notes. Then select the  Startup tab and deselect the startup items per your notes. Then  click Apply, then Close and reboot.

7) Login with the same  credentials and test the program. If it runs, we’re done! If it  doesn’t, then give us a call at 888-389-3042 and have your IMAGINiT support contract number handy.

Disable User Access Control in Vista and Windows 7

1) Go to  Start->Control Panel->User Accounts->Change User Account  Control Settings (Win 7, Vista will be similar).

Note: you  may need to select a user or go to Manage User Accounts and select  the user to get to this option.

2) Turn it off (Vista) or  set the slider bar to Never Notify (Win 7).

3) Reboot the  computer.