UCS Dilemma In AutoCAD it is possible to configure custom USC (User coordinate systems). These settings can be named and save within a drawing. Sometimes it is necessary to set up common UCS settings in multiple drawings. AutoCAD does not have a documented way to export or copy UCS settings to use in another drawing. What to do? There are two solutions.

Solution 1 – “Save As” Method

  1. Once you have your UCS configured in the source drawing, save the file.
  2. Save-As another drawing.
  3. Delete all objects in the drawing.
  4. The UCS settigs will remain.

This method works, but you must plan in advance, which is not always possible.

Solution 2 – Copy a Viewport

AutoCAD allows you to copy and paste view ports from paper space of one drawing to paper space of another drawing. Follow these steps to copy exact UCS configurations.

  1. In paper pace source drawing create a new view port. Set your named UCS to be active.
  2. Select, right-click, copy.
  3. In paper space of destination drawing, right-click, paste.
  4. The pasted view port will be turned OFF. To turn it on, change this setting in properties.
  5. The pasted view port now contains the source USC, but it is “unnamed”
  6. Go to UCS manager and rename it to the same name as original drawing.

Write me if you have questions.