;;; Send all IMAGES, OLE's and PDF's to back in one click
;;; Created by Willie https://www.theswamp.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1474
;;; Saved from here: https://www.theswamp.org/index.php?topic=52967.0
;;; Slightly modified by Igal Averbuh 2017 (added option for PDF's and OLE's)

(defun c:HAB (/)
(setvar "cmdecho" 0)
(setq SS_IMAGE nil)
(setq SS_IMAGE (ssget "X" '((0 . "IMAGE,OLE2FRAME,PDFUNDERLAY"))))
(if (= SS_IMAGE nil)
(princ "\nNo images in drawing")

(command "draworder" SS_IMAGE "" "back" )
(setvar "cmdecho" 1)

(princ "\n *** All IMAGES, OLE's and PDF's moved to back !! ***")