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  • Verify all layers are on and thawed including the VP layer settings.



  • If the Viewport is on the defpoints layer, try renaming defpoints.


  • Double-click inside the viewport to make it active.
    Maximize the viewport by clicking the + sign in the top left corner.
    Change back to paper space and you can now see and select the viewport.



  • Draw a rectangle over the viewport
    Qselect the viewport
  • Capture1.PNG
    use VPCLIP (viewport is still selected)
    Select the rectangle.

John Vellek
Technical Support Specialist

* One can create a Viewport with an Object, then erase that Object.

The Viewport will remain with no way to manipulate the Viewport.

* Draw a rectangle over the top of the viewport in paperspace.

Use QUICKSELECT to select only the viewport.

Start the Viewport Clip command (VPCLIP).

It will already have the viewport selected and will prompt you to select the object to clip with.

Select the rectangle.

And You should have a workable viewport.

*  If you have issues with selecting a viewport, here is the magic fix: (if it is on the Defpoints layer) change the word defpoints to “Defpoint”  no “s”. Make a new viewport under the correct defpoints, delete the old one and purge to get rid of the corrupt layer.

* A faster fix that doesn’t involve changing the Defpoints layer: In paperspace, use ctrl+A to select everything and use shift+select to deselect everything except the viewport.  The viewport is now the only thing selected and can be moved off of the Defpoints layer

  • If you have them on Defpoints, and layer 0 is frozen or off, you can’t select anything on the
    Defpoints layer.