There are two different ways to download lisps from this site.

1. Simple copy code of preferred lisp to buffer, paste to notepad and save as file with lsp extension.

2. Download it from here:

All these lisp tested in AutoCAD 2013 and above and working properly

And some words about me in my CV:



Professional Description:

My name is Igal Averbuh, Senior Autocad draftsman with more than 24 years of experience this field, using different versions of AutoCAD and other graphics programs (CorelDraw, Photoshop etc.) and CAD software applications design by AUTOLISP. Execution of 2D and 3D building color and b/w drawings. Acquaintance with GIS and 3D visualization digital systems. Written and oral communication skills in English.

Since the beginning, I never stopped learning, improving my techniques and the quality of my drawings gets better every day.

So I’ve reunited all my knowledge and experiences and I’ve created, modified and collected a powerful and easy-to-use lisps so that everybody could be able to draw with swiftness and easiness.

It is now time for me to share the secrets of these routines with you so that you can improve your own productivity by 80% to 90% ( tested! ). Now, drawing will be easy and joyful like never before…


2013 “Mati” Company study. Subject: “Business Management” (certificate).

2013 “Atid” College study. Subject: “Storage Management” (certificate).

2012 “Electric” College study. Subject: “Communication technologies” (certificate).

2001 “Amal” College study. Subject: “AutoCAD” (certificate).

1995-2000 Master of science degree (Technion), faculty of civil engineering, non-linear dynamics specialization.

1988-1993 Master of science degree (Kishinev Technical University) faculty of civil engineering, soil engineering specialization

1999 “Hi-Tech” College study. Subject: “Applications of software ” (certificate).

1997 “Kvuzat Sela” College study. Subject: ” Java and the Web” (certificate).

1996 Technical college study Subject: “CAD Software” (certificate).

Professional experience:

2014 —– Topaz LTD. Civil Engineer, CAD draftsman

2011-2013 Civil Engineer, CAD draftsman, freelancer (Technical support).

2009-2011 CAD draftsman and tech. support man, design company “Liorance”, Saratov (Russia).

2008-2009 Security company worker, Kiryat Arba.

1999-2006 Civil Engineer, CAD draftsman, freelancer (Working with Jerusalem area customers).

1998-1999 CAD Technical support for first degree Technion students

1993-1994 CAD draftsman and tech. support man, in the civil engineering design company in Kishinev (USSR), Engineer, and Computer System Administrator.

Jewish Education:

2013 Eshivat “Nir” Kiryat Arba, Hebron (certificate).

2012 Educational Center “Machane Israel” Jerusalem (certificate).

Additional information:

3 thoughts on “Download”

  1. Jorge Sifontes said:

    Great Site, Nice compilation of routines, I am a rookie trying to learn this stuff.
    I would like to create routine for automating layout Tabs. from Model Space to paper space. I have some coding, I have been working on, But it almost seems like a Script rather than a true Autolisp program, Wondering if you could guide me in the right path.


  2. Igal, nice site. I am in search of a way to change the paperspace layout tab to be equal to file name, such as in a batch routine that would edit of hundreds of drawings at the same time. Would you have any idea on how to create such an excellent lisp routine that does this?


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